Vahimiti & Rebecca Meyer

Vahimiti is a gifted singer-songwriter with a unique timbre of voice

Vahimiti is an Italian singer-songwriter with a unique velvety timbre of voice, who was raised in the mythical Maori culture and music of French Polynesia, where she also has lived and to which she owes her Polynesian name. Having grown up listening to the pulses of soul, hip hop, r&b, blues, and jazz, Vahimiti’s music represents a mixture of these different influences.
In this exciting live at Luna’s Lounge, Vahimiti will introduce and perform songs from her last album “Motown Dream”, born thanks to the artistic encounter between her and Vernon D. Hill, musician and producer from Detroit (Slum Village, Dwele, Bahamadia). The project melts Vahimiti’s style and melodies with Vernon’s original Motor-Town deep sound in a personal and modern tribute to their r&b, ​soul an hip hop old-school influences.

Rebecca Meyer
Born in 1994, Rebecca Meyer is a singer songwriter since 2010. She brings her music on different projects such as Theater (My Seconde Life 3D by Manu Laskar (2011), Notre Faust by Robert Cantarella (2014/2016/2017)), Commercial (“The Kid” by Olivier Souchard for Lakai) and for soundtracks (Participation to Needle by Samuel Berrebi, recorded by Franco Lacan (2016))The album Oh,Moonlight is available since February 2015 on digital platforms. It is a mix of home recordings since 2011 and 2014 including the main theme Perverland for the Theater play Notre Faust.Based in East London, Rebecca Meyer is performing with her two friends Franco Lacan (Guitar) and Andrius Radžiūnas (Bass). The tree of them are working on their next release for this summer 2017.

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