The Swamp Stomp String Band & The Cinelli Brothers

Dear Life 7PM

With the release of lead single “Round But Jaded” from forthcoming debut album, alt-ambient indie band Dear Life, play Luna Lounge. Atmospheric sounds with dark and melodic vocals. They sing songs of confession and sin. A dynamic mix of sadcore, slowcore, avant-pop, and post-rock. Much written in the press and anticipation building for their June 2018 release of their debut album, “Hello Frankenstein!”.

The Swamp Stomp String Band 8:30PM

The Swamp Stomp String Band are not your average Americana band. Twangy Banjos, driving Guitars and a thudding Double Bass sit behind anything from drinking songs that’ll have the room stomping their feet and shooting tequila to ballads that’ll break even the most toughest folk, to ragtime songs of bar fights and gambling. The London based duo can often be found busking by the side of Thames in the day and performing in any haunt from high end cocktails joints to dimly lit dive bars at night.

Taking a mixture of Jazz, Country, Swing, Blues and Ragtime – it is safe to say their music is there to be enjoyed by people young and old, rich or poor, or who just love to stamp their feet and have a ho-down.


The Cinelli Brothers 10:30PM

The Cinelli Brothers is a project born out of a common passion for the electric Chicago and Texas blues from the 60s and 70s, when Marco (guitarist, singer and composer) and Alessandro (drummer, backing vocalist and arranger) decided to form an explosive team showcasing original repertoire in the style of Chess, Stax and Motown.

After a series of successful shows around Europe (France, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal), the band decided to take things to another level.