Simon Williams & The Neverists , Urban Moth, The Mirage Men

Simon Williams & The Neverists 7:30pm

Urban Moth

Original rock/funk band

Formed in 2001 by original members John Rolls, Sean Cocklin and Pauline Hutchinson, Urban Moth have been creating their own eclectic brand of rock music in and around London for more than a decade. Live performances have included the legendary Bull & Gate, Hope & Anchor, Dublin Castle and Heaven nightclub, Drummer Herbie Taylor joined in 2011 and the latest line-up was completed by the arrival of vocalist Ollia Alexis last year. The band’s most recent output veers towards 70’s funk with touches of punk rock, reggae and the occasional foray into country. One thing that is always consistent however is the passion and energy ploughed into live performances.

The Mirage Men

Formed in 3,000 BC, The Mirage Men are an Ancient Egyptian surf band, rocking exotic instrumentals straight out of the desert.

At over five thousand years old they have survived longer than any other band (apart from the UK Subs) and are feared yet revered for their dazzling, mysterious blue sock- gold shoe combination.

Expect to hear the sounds of the east taken into the garage of the mid-sixties for a re-fit. Familiar TV & movie themes sit side-by-side with cult classics, cut to the cloth of Wilson, Keppel and Betty out on a three-day bender.