Mystery Loves Company (TEXAS)

Mystery Loves Company is a touring and recording Chamber Rock duo and band from Houston, Texas. “I was practically mesmerized by this duo. The sound from the electric cello, the percussive acoustic, and the perfect pitch harmonies would rivet one to the stage at times.” -George Douglas Lee, Island Guide Magazine
Mystery Loves Company is the result of an open mic meeting between Madeline (Maddy) Herdeman and Carlos A Machado at the legendary Mucky Duck in Houston, Texas.

Maddy, a conservatory-trained cellist and singer who had been a classroom orchestra teacher in Houston for a couple of years, had all but stored away her cello for lack of time and direction, and felt discouraged to no longer be playing. A friend who was visiting from Maryland suggested arranging a few pop tunes together for an open mic, knowing that people would get a kick out of seeing two girls singing with a cello, and after some persuading Maddy agreed. Carlos, an architect and amateur songwriter, had been playing open mics for a few months, also at the encouragement of a friend, after a serious relationship had fallen apart and many of his former fears (like the fear of singing in public!) seemed less significant. He had become interested in finding a writing partner, a cellist preferably (though he figured he would settle for a violinist because they were easier to find).

After seeing Maddy’s performance at the open mic, Carlos quickly offered to co-write something if she was interested, knowing that it’s not every day a cello walks into a bar. A couple of weeks later they performed at the JP Hops House open mic, and the following night back at the Mucky Duck. It was obvious then that the resulting sound–which has been called “beguiling acoustic pop” (Chris Gray, Houston Press), and which they call Chamber Rock–could be something special.