Matthew Shepherd, Unit 48, Ben Hemming Band & The Suggestions Band

Matthew Shepherd – 7:00
Hailed as one of the most exciting new singer-songwriters on the acoustic music scene, Matthew Shepherd is a singer-songwriter who has been delighting audiences in London, Essex and beyond with his collection of self penned songs. His debut studio album ‘Top of the tree’ was released in June 2015 and only took a day for the album to break into the iTunes Top 100 Singer/Songwriter Album Chart. His songs cover the happiness and heartbreak of love, with his warm, intimate and delicate style. July 2016 saw the release of the much-awaited Acoustic EP entitled ‘The Sea’, which reached the Acoustic Magazine’s Top 10 Best New Music of September 2016.

Unit 48 – 8:00

Ben Hemming – 9:00
Ben Hemming is a London based Singer Songwriter, born and raised in the rural midlands. He miss spent his youth hammering away at an old six string guitar and homing the songwriting talent that he has today. Ben Hemming has returned from his two month tour of Europe to his home town of London, with an exciting stretch of London shows on the horizon.

The Suggestions Band – 11:00
The Suggestions are an eight-piece soul/funk band based in London. Performing music from the golden era to the present day.