Otto Gumaelius - African Marimba Entertainment and Workshops

Jacob Heidel, (Germany), Taste of Southern Africa & Dodobones

Jacob Heidel 7:30pm

With only 20 years, the German songwriter Jacob Heidel is developing a rising music career. He released his first EP with only 18 years and with 20 years he traveled the world with his guitar. His music is a well written mix of pop, blues, rock and singer/songwriter. For this performance, he is flying to London without his band.


Taste of Southern Africa

Otto Gumaelius presents Taste of Southern Africa, a musical showcase of lively sunshine music from the heart of southern Africa, with marimba, mbira, drumming, singing and dancing!

Twitter: @ottogumaelius
Instagram: @ottogumaelius

DodoBones 10:30 PM

Hatching in early 2009, DodoBones have already attracted attention with gritty, emotion driven records and live performances of their own material, accompanied by the a variety of ironic pop covers, thrown for good measure.

The all singing, all songwriting, acoustic duo features Stephen Patmore on guitar (and some sporadically placed lovely man vocals), Robbyn Snow on the main mic and, intermittently, they are also joined by their good friends and fellow musicians; Ian ‘Sir Gig-a-Lot’ Newman on double bass, Paul ‘Triangle Master of the Universe’ Eccentric on wash board and Mark ‘Flash’ Gordon on the cajon.