Live music night at the Basement

Chrystina Tomlin 8:30 PM

Raw, belting vocals with choppy rhythmic guitar. Lyrics with ballsy honesty and vulnerability. Alternative/Pop/Rock

Kasajja 9:30PM

Kasajja is an independent musician based in North London hailing from Uganda. Having grown up in Kenya and moving to the U.K for University, he began to experiment with music during his free time. He makes a blend of modern R&B, Soul music with Hip-Hop influences. He began playing the guitar at 15 but only started performing in his late teens. It now serves as his main instrument although he can also play the piano. His main influences include Marvin Gaye, Michael Kiwanuka and Frank Ocean. He writes about his experiences as a young person in an ever changing world and uses his passion for literature and art to inform his lyrics and creative decisions. His goal is to create music that allows listeners to have a hypnotic transformative experience escaping the mundanity of daily life but also finding the beauty in the stories it creates.

Colourshop 10:30

Singer / Songwriter originally from Italy, with South American roots, relocated to UK for the last 8 years.
Started studying music at 10 taking piano, guitar, singing and composing lessons at the local music school.
Extensive experience in live as solo act and with a band.
2 Albums recorded and released, 3 EP recorded and released with the 4th coming out soon to mark a slight change in the style and music direction.

Intertidal 11:30

Sam Crooks and Nick Anderson are genre-bending acoustic duo : Intertidal. The namesake of the band comes from the space between the tides and the mission statement of the band is to be as ever-changing as the terrain.