LGBT event with Funkinsteins and Rob Desroches

Rob Desroches 8pm

Rob is a true Canadian. No rock’n roll stories here. In the past critics have praised Rob’s lyrics, which have something to say without coming off preachy. Topics range from idle hands on a day off work (“Bouncy A”) to big questions (“God’s not a Crazy Man”). Others state “She said in her sleep this must mean something her?” a song which explores Women’s Rights and states “A mailman is just that a mail man with no good news today/She will turn the dog on him should he come around this way” Others urge listeners that “She likes to watch the pansies grow/ but she’s got her axe to grind” and states “everybody needs a little something/we all have the fries in the bottom of the bag”.

The almighty “Funkinsteins” 9pm
Forged from the purest elements in music, this trio have crafted a truly original master sound. Blending funky dance music with sprinkles of rock. this band delivers what can be described as a breathtaking and captivating product.
The band have been electrifying audiences across the country with their stage show, growing in popularity and presence. The band do 50 shows plus a year in a in very varied situations .Made up of 2 girls and 1 guy, Awesome soaring vocals accompanied by fast bubbling bass lines, hot guitar, innovative drum breaks and an impressive arrangement of synths and production.