Jazzbox Vs. Groovebox + DrawnSword

Jazzbox Vs. Groovebox is an Electro-Blues duo from Melbourne, Australia. The duo combines the genres of dance, hip hop, trip hop and G-funk, created through grooveboxes, with blues, jazz, funk and rock ’n’ roll on an electric guitar, blended with laid back vocals that verge on spoken word. J.V.G. have just spent close to a year in Prague, honing their sound and writing and recording their yet to be released debut album “Needle To Jump”. The group is currently based in Brighton, UK and will be touring the UK and Europe throughout 2017-18 in support of their debut album.

DrawnSword – Ghost EPClassic Songwriting with a Hip Hop edge and electronic textures.The self penned description is still very accurate.“Ghost” is the 2nd Ep of DrawnSword, The Electric Songwriter. He has refined his craft, the Hip Hop is tighter and funkier, the electronica is more crisp, the production is bigger and the songwriting is more complex