Jazz evening with Martin Speake & his quartet THELONIOUS + evening guests C.O.D trio (ITALY)

‘Martin Speake is one of the most interesting and rewarding alto saxophonists now playing jazz on any continent.’ Thomas Conrad – Jazz Times

“Speake is a strikingly talented improviser with a seemingly bottomless well of inspiration.” – Encyclopedia of Popular Music

“Speake’s playing can be as enigmatic as his writing. The lyricism and subtlety of both his written and improvised melodies sometimes unfold so gradually that one needs to take a mental step back to absorb it all”. John Kelman All About Jazz

C.O.D Trio offers a blend of innovative and explosive sound, progressive jazz and funk-rock expressed in a singular condensed “rational-abstract approach”, however, characterized by an impetuous and passionate development of musical structures . Visionary and utopian music that suggests free imaginary scenarios and prepares the interaction between artistic languages of different nature, synesthetic. Improvisation is the means by which the trio deconstructs the forms, designing different sound configurations and concocting different perceptual solutions that make this musical journey really thrilling, dreamy but essentially concrete.The special hybrid instrumental line-up, sax-guitar-drums, the references to jazz, the ‘Vanguard European, Prog-Rock ,make this work even more compelling .