‘IN THE STONE’ brand new Jazz/Funk/Fusion Jam night + Oleg Golovetsky & Olybird Music

Olybird Music 6PM




OLEG, young jazz musicians who share their passion with their listeners and connects with their audiences via the experiences. In particularly Jazz traditions helps them to speak loud and proud using the improvised thoughts of the new, original music.

It’s a special event where you will be able to hear an unheard, unique and original music that can relate to each and one of the listener.

This is a mixed program with very different musicians of different backgrounds that will turn this event into a very powerful story of the true believers in the people.


In the stone jam 10PM

It’s free entry, so we wanna see as many instrumentalists down as possible! Bring your horn, sticks, whatever!

The house band will feature:

Matt Davies – Sax
Mike Redfern – Guitar
Ed Ireland – Bass
James Pritchard – Drums

+ monthly special guests