Harmonica Lewinsky St. Patrick’s Special

Harmonica Lewinsky

Right Proper Knees Up Productions proudfully presents…(pause for effect)…
Harmonica Lewinsky
Guitarist, harmonica-operative, vocaliser and ukulele-abuser (CRB-checked).
Spreading love, bewilderment and athlete’s foot around London & the South East.
Cockney knees up music: ChasnDave, Blockheads, Musichall, TV theme tunes, Cowboy songs, football songs, Elvis, Tom Jones. And much more!

The Pope: ‘he’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy’
Hattie Jaques: ‘he’s got a lovely bunch of coconuts’
Bill Clinton: ‘no comment’
Dazzling harmonica technique, driving rhythm guitar, product of a broken home. Gives 20% of his income to British Gas.
Double nectar points available!!