Crazy Redd, Crystal Stewart , Mimmi and Anniemal (Sweden)

Crazy Redd 7pm

Crazy James is a rapper/singer/songwriter from Bedfordshire,Luton. He’s been creating music for over ten years now; Performing up and down the country, appearing on BBC introducing and releasing music commercially to a national audience.
“I make music to express how I feel and to show people that I am a wordsmith. I like to play with words, but also like to tell a story on a thought provoking level. I Mix Hip-Hop with an acoustic vibe and sound. This has lead to me performing at a lot of recent showcase events in and around the London area. My inspirations vary from Michael Jackson to Eminem. Nirvana to Motown. There are not many genres of music I don’t listen to or take different aspects from. I’m just inspired by great art. Music is not what I do its who I am.”

Crystal Stewart 8:30pm

Crystal Stewart attended the prestigious Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts full time for 8 years.
Crystal has a wealth of experience singing at weddings, special events and live music venues throughout the UK . She has an extensive and varied repertoire of jazz , soul and pop songs and has a piano or guitar accompanist to enhance her live performances.

Mimmi and Anniemal 10PM

Mimmi & Anniemal, and electronic pop duo from Sweden.