Blair Jolland is Back !!!

Blair is returning to the Luna for an intimate evening joined by Frankie David and other special guests

Blair Jolland’s music communicates a paradoxical mix of melancholia and optimism that draws the listener in. Often compared vocally to Nick Cave, Rufus Wainwright & Scott Walker, Blair has received much praise from the likes of NME, Guardian, Uncut, ArtRocker and more.

And here are some quotes:

‘Great songs’ – David Bowie

‘Listening to this all the time. Gotta get this record’ – Boy George

‘Blair is a welcome breath of fresh air to the modern folk rock scene’ – The Vinyl District

‘The sweeping drama of Nick Cave, elegant melodies of Scott Walker and soulful swagger of Rufus Wainwright’ – Classic Rock Mag

‘Bewildering, bedazzling and beautiful’ – FourCulture Mag

‘Carve it Up is a well produced roaring foot-tapper’ – Fresh On The Net (Kimberly-Marie Sklinar)

‘My Way Home is a melody-driven slice of atmospheric acoustic rock, packed with menace & wonder in equal measures’ – Gigwise

‘Stars Will Descend is gorgeous. An exquisite take on love’ – Fame Magazine