Sinfonia de Carnaval (World tour 2017)

Anna Lang – cello, electic – cello, piano
Alois Eberl – trombone, accordion, loops, vocals

The multi-instrumentalists Anna Lang and Alois Eberl present with their newest programme. “Figuras de baile” – musical short stories created by this remarkable duo. ( Austrian broadcasting corporation 05/2015)

In their euphonic pictures the figures dance, are hideous, beautiful, haunting, eerie, noisy, tender, loving, grumbling, dangerous, raging, good, bad, enchanting, wild or tragic. Playing four instruments, the duo, inspired by the rhythms of the Atlantic tango, create colourful portraits of fantastic shapes. With improvisation and their own compositions, funky grooves and drama contrasting the beautiful with the scary; the Sinfonia de Carnaval awakens the inner souls of these wondrous figures!

Sinfonia de Carnaval with Anna Lang and Alois Eberl made its inaugural appearance in May 2015 at the Radiokulturhaus/ Austrian broadcastin corporation in Vienna. The premiere of their current programme “Figuras de baile” was already aired in August 2015 on the Austrian Radio Ö1 in “One Stage”. Upon the debut of their album, which also was released in 2015, the duo made guest appearances internationally including Great Britain / London and Germany. For the Season 2015/2016 the Sinfonia de Carnaval has taken over the musical direction of the musical “Lola Blau” at the new Musiktheater in Linz, Austria. Additionally the Sinfonia de Carnaval was nominated for the BAWAG P.S.K. Next Generation Jazz Award 2015.