Acoustic set from Hui Hue & Bethnal Green Big Band Christmas Special

Hui Hue ”I followed my dream of becoming an artist and fell deeply into music along my way.

I am a British born singer/songwriter living and working in London as a musician. Even though I have been singing all of my life I have never received any formal training. Music for me has always been to me a journey of self-discovery and freedom.

Influenced by the deep heritage of the Irish, Scottish, British and American folk singers/songwriters of the past and their musical culture, I am forever moved by their music and forever learning from them.”

Bethnal Green big band- a mixture of jazz, funk, showtunes, and traditional big band charts for your entertainment
Saxes: Altos: Jenny Hird, Alex Nicklin, Jen Peglar, Sam Sharp, Tenors: George Young, Lisa Parish, Bari: Natalie Ellis, Adam Powell
Trumpets: Neil McIntyre, Jamie McDowell, Anthony O’Malley, David, Nelson, Tristan Kirk, Markus Richter
Bones: Sunil Kamath, Owen Wales, Chris Roberts, Elle Guest, Lyn Rajah
Rhythm: Ben Milway, James Lawson, Rich Andrews, Charlie Wilkinson
Vocals: Dan Allwood, Beth Allwood